Canal Sur Tierra y Mar tv program, recently visited our land in Los Pedroches valley (Córdoba) to make us a journalist report about MIO1898.

Tierra y Mar program is one of the landmark Canal Sur tv programs and it is a reference for the Andalusian primary sector at the information level. Every week the Tierra y Mar cameras come to the agricultural, fishing, and farms Andalusian current affairs.

During the visit and the journalist report, we explained all dairy job done in the holm-oak woodland with our 100% Iberian pigs Torbiscal variety, that currently are cataloged as endangered species, and how we are giving value to this variety through its features and special peculiarities, like the depigmentation in some of their specimens (a white line in the black hoof) it has become an exclusive product in the market.

Finally, they visited our farm “La Romana” which is unique in Spain due to its facilities and the animals’ management and refurbishment and which received the “2018 Young Sustainable Farmer” prize thanks to its energetic self-sufficiency.

Certainly, a pleasant visit and an honor of being able to show our job.

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