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Personalized MIO 100% Iberian Meat


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Additional information

Weight 3,3 kg
Presa ibérica

Presa (shoulder cut) 700gr. approx.

Pluma (pork feather cut)

Pluma (pork feather cut) 700gr. approx.

Solomillo (Tenderloin)

Solomillo (Tenderloin) 600gr. approx.

Abanico (fan-shaped cut)

Abanico (fan-shaped cut) 550gr. approx.

Secreto (cut hidden close to the shoulder)

Secreto (cut hidden close to the shoulder) 750gr. approx.


Acorn-fed 100% Iberian pork Meat. TORBISCAL variety.

Nutritional Value

(average nutritional value for 100 g of consumable product).

Energy value 1133 KJ (272 Kcal)
Carbohydrates <0,1 g
Fat of which 20,56 g
- Saturated Acids 7,43 g
- Monounsaturated Acids 9,62 g
- Polyunsaturated Acids 3,51 g
Proteins 16,6 g
Water 60,4 g

Preservation advises

Store at -18ºC. Do not freeze after defrosting.


Tasting notes

The MIO meat pieces come from 100% Iberian ‘Torbiscales’ pigs, fed in a 100% natural way with acorns and grass in Los Pedroches Valley (Córdoba) holm-oak woodland. The season from October to February is called “Montanera”, and it is the period in which our Torbiscales pigs eat between 7 and 12 kg of acorns and 2-3 kg of grass daily.

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