An exclusive breed

Only there are 200 species of this danger of extinction variety in the market every year. Saying you are trying something as exclusive and limited, with a good range of meats exist in the world, is a true luxury.

The Torbiscal pig is a pure Iberian, and it is an endangered specie because some of them have a little white line in their black hoof, it is an own and typical depigmentation for this pig variety as the Dalmatian dogs with their black marks, which make them different. In the pig case, when the customer realizes there is a white line in the piece bought, he feels these hams or shoulders couldn´t belong to a pure Iberian, and therefore he rejects them. If this variety is rejected, the farmers don´t want to have this kind of animal because is not saleable, finally if this meat is not consumed the specimen disappears.

Torbiscal is different is not a black pig as most of the Iberian, have a red coat, their skin is a bright reddish color, depending on the sun’s direction they are looked golden or copper.

It is bigger than other pure Iberian and its big and flattened ears, with an outline of small hairs on the edge, are very typical.

A pig extremely docile, that obey and whose management in our holm-oak woodland is very easy because it doesn’t get scared easily and is very noble.

Torbiscal is a more productive variety than its pure Iberian siblings, it has a growth and meat quantity higher and less fat than other pure Iberian.

You can live an MIO experience when you want, you will be able to appreciate the project dimension with our land sounds, smell, and nuances.

Live it

Very good mothers thanks to the excellent milk capacity and nobility, they rear healthy and strong piglets since its beginning.

They are perfectly adapted to live in Los Pedroches region holm-oak woodland, here is where the happiness they enjoying during all their life make to produce high-quality meats, any customer could be sure it has been made with the cuddle from who knows are producing something unique.

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