It is a middle size animal, frontonasal concave profile, with middle or slightly elongated proportions and dark pigmentation. All together they look harmonious species, lightweight bones, live and with easy and loose movements.

They have pigmented skin always. Their coloring varies between jet-black and reddish, being the typical expression of their color “retinto”. Fragile hair, not abundant and with the same skin color in all cases.

Curiosities: Sometimes the breed variety Torbiscal has hoof with some depigmentation parts. The female of the breeding livestock height is around 77,33cm and the males around 79,77 cm. The female of the breeding livestock weight is about 128 kg and the males about 143 kg.
Resource: Ministry of Agriculture.

The 100% Iberian Torbiscal pork products, highlight the organoleptic and gastronomic quality. They are products with the fat interspersed which bring them a unique flavor. This is a healthy fat when it is coming from Ibéricos pigs that have been fattened during montanera, they are who are corresponded to the acorn categories. (In this case, with the black label).

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