We are MÍO

We are MÍO

From 1898

The brand ‘MIO’ is born from the experience showed during several generations keeping and recovering a 100% Iberian breed UNIQUE called ‘TORBISCAL’, in an ideal environment like is ‘Valle de Los Pedroches’ and from the family excitement about transferring one product UNIQUE to everyone.

MIO 1898 is YOUR PROJECT, a special project that is born in V alle de Los Pedroches, (al ballut) known by ancient civilizations as “The acorn valley”, in a farmer family from centuries ago.

MIO is part of the wisdom transferred by our forefathers who bred the pigs in the same way that we are doing now and nowadays we know that kind of breeding is the most suitable because is sustainable and special.

MIO is an illusion, work, tradition and forefront in equal parts.

You can live the MIO experience when you want, you will be able to understand this project dimension with de sounds, smell, and our land nuances.

Live it

Rafael Muñoz, a vet and the current winner of the Young Sustainable Farmer Award in 2018, and Carmen Fernandez, a doctor who together with a professional team with experience in production, innovation and marketing is developing MIO project.

The sustainability, respect for the environment, welfare and health animal, and a focus on innovation and forefront, having as basis the tradition are their maxims.

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