At 2020 beginning we have the pleasure to welcome to the RTVE “Aquí la Tierra” program team in MIO1898, they carried out two stories about the Iberian torbiscal pig.

“Aquí la Tierra” is a disclosure and entertainment daily magazine, that enjoyably and interestingly gives us its vision regarding environmental topics and phenomenons related to it and how it affects the people, animals, and to the earth’s planet.

Rafael Muñoz farmer and MIO1898 owner, explains all the Iberian Torbiscal pig features, a pure Iberian pig with a native and endangered breed, as well as the better pieces of meat. Kisko García, Choco Restaurant chef, explains the best way to cook them and some home trick to know if the meat is rare, medium or well done. Besides, Alejandro González, professional ham cutter gives us some keys to know how to cut and place the ham.

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