Rafael Muñoz winner of “Young Sustainable Farmer Award”

ASAJA, the Young farmers agricultural association has recognized with that prize, the sustainable labor, based in the resources harnessing, that we use


On Thursday, 4 October Rafael Muñoz collects in Madrid the prize “Young Sustainable Farmer Award” from the hands of the Agriculture, Fishery and Food minister

With this prize, ASAJA valued our farms and sustainable facilities equipped with a technological system to get, on the one hand, more effective use of the resources and on the other hand, the production efficiency and our pigs’ genetic improvement.

Our farms are equipped with a photovoltaic system which provides all the electricity needed for their work. We also use biomass that provides the temperature needed in the sheds to ensure the optimal welfare for our animals. In the future, the residues and splinters originated with the holm oak pruning from our holm-oak woodland will produce this biomass to heat during the winter.

Our main target is to preserve the “Torbiscal” breed and for this reason, we invest in technology and innovation to ensure its best growth. We are the only Spanish farm where the breastfeeding shared system has been implemented. It is an individual and open box, based in open maternity, and breastfeeding shared room where several sows bring together with their litter. This fact promotes interaction among piglets and reduces animal stress.

The technology is also integrated into the facilities by informatics systems that carry out an environmental control sheds, as well as the control and managing of the pig herd.

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